Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Cracks the TOP Liquors!


In a shocking turn of events, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky has knocked Jose Cuervo out of the Top Ten liquors, eating the worm of famed Mexican tequila. Haven’t heard about this sure-to-cause fire-breathing whisky? You’re not alone. 

A liquor that was virtually unknown in many parts of the country just a few months ago is now one of the top 10 selling liquors in America. But how did they do it? Especially when the company didn’t do any national ad campaigns or enlist an army of bar girls to serve up shots en masse across the country. There’s no doubt a story here, as Fireball whisky has quickly become a household brand thanks primarily to the power of social media!

Check out some of the creative social media posts below:


If you solve the puzzle then you get to put your drinks on your friends tab tonight.

— Fireball Whisky (@FireballWhisky) December 14, 2013

Fireball Around the World: Laguna Beach, CA (fan photo: Bill D.)

— Fireball Whisky (@FireballWhisky) December 13, 2013

#halligan the best place to make friends……and drink lots of #fireballwhiskey

— Halligan Bar (@HalliganBar) December 14, 2013

and how far diehard fireball fans are willing to go:


 @FireballWhisky Show me a bar owner that will do this. done about a month ago.#1 sold liquor @LuckyMonkeyDM

— Tim Hartman (@thartman01) June 19, 2013

With such a hardcore fanbase who knows how much brighter this fireball can glow?